Wine Club 2



4 payments of 249€ per year.
2 shipments per year.
12 bottles per shipment (24 bottles per year)

Price showing is for 6 bottles, and will be paid 4 times per year (two payments per shipment)
Shipments happen two times per year when there are no temperature issues (April and late October).

Featuring premium, age-worthy wines like Brunello di Montalcino and Barolo.

Each shipment includes companion content with pairing ideas, drinking windows, wine descriptions and a video of each winemaker with subtitles.

Wine Club Terms & Conditions
Subscribe to a double shipment (24 bottles per shipment), save 10%.
Subscribe to a triple shipment (36 bottles per shipment), save 15%.

Meet the producers!

To see a full sample of the video-based educational companion content you’ll receive by email, click HERE.


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